Variety and Flexibility
Brodnax Mills produces a broad range of specialty yarns to meet the needs of a diverse group of customers. Products include colored and natural yarns incorporating a broad range of synthetic and natural fibers and may include special effects for texture or appearance such as slub and nubs. The Company's yarns go to weavers and knitters for use in such products as upholstery and residential furnishing fabrics, contract furnishings, industrial fabrics such as automotive upholstery, woven and knit apparel, and narrow fabrics, among others. Yarn sizes generally range from 6/1 to 20/1 cc and include single, plied and multiple-plied yarn. All yarn is ring-spun and may be put up on cones or dye tubes according to a customer's specifications.

Fiber Types
The Company produces yarn in a broad range of fibers and blends including:

Product Development
The Company is unique in its ability to work carefully with customers to develop innovative products to meet their specific needs and specifications. This development process can include matching an existing yarn or developing a new concept involving a custom color or yarn construction. Brodnax Mills supports this development process by forming a partnership with its customers on unique products. The Company's lab and sample department are able to produce the sample quantities required prior to a new item going into production.

Some examples of products available in a variety of fibers and blends:

Solution-dyed polyester in unique colors and black and in plied combinations
Heather and melange yarns
Mock twists
Silk blends such as with rayon or polyester
Linen blends and faux linen looks
FR polyester
Nub yarns (colored and natural nubs)
Slub yarns (various sizes)
Hair yarns (in colors and natural)
Twist yarns using special components such as filament yarns, stretch, and cotton slub yarns
100 % silk yarns (3 grades, in 12/1, 18/1, 18/2)